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Roderick Coover and Scott Rettberg: Catastrophic Echoes: Combinatory Cinema

May 18. Tid: 13:15 - 15:00


Filmmaker Roderick Coover and writer Scott Rettberg present selections from three of their CRchange studio projects  which integrate computational methods and digital arts practice to produce films that generate new versions on each run, and discuss their collaborative production process.

Three Rails Live (2012) is a web-based combinatory film that produces new juxtapositions of image and text on each run, delivering narrative fragments from a contemporary story of personal and environmental dissolution sandwiched between “perverbs” that deliver a “moral” to each story.

Toxi•City (2016) is a feature-length combinatory climate change film that layers segments of a speculative narrative of life in the toxic environment of the Delaware River Estuary after a series of hurricanes have devastated the landscape with the actual stories of area residents who perished during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Mass Extinction and Human Relations is a cycle of film projects (currently in development) that wrestle with some of the challenges of the Anthropocene, particularly  the threat of a sixth mass extinction that has been unfolding for the past 300 years and has radically accelerated in the past four decades. The project explores the use of combinatory narrative structures and new technologies such as stereoscopic 360 VR photography and drones. The cycle of films will be loosely structured on Homer’s Odyssey, and will play with elements from that classic historical narrative.




Roderick Coover

Photo by Henrik Beck, Oslo International Poetry Festival

Photo by Henrik Beck, Oslo International Poetry Festival

Roderick Coover (b. 1967) is Professor of Film and Media Arts at Temple University, Philadelphia. He is the creator or co-creator of works of digital, interactive and emergent cinema and digital arts such as Toxi•City, Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project, and The Theory of Time. He is also the maker of documentary films and interactive, documentary research projects such as The Unknown Territories Project. His works are designed for the screen, interactive media, database cinema, photographic installation, online multimedia publication, gaming platforms and other Web media. His is also the author or co-author of numerous works about creative practice and theory in print, including the book, Switching Codes: Thinking Through Digital Technology In The Humanities And Arts (University of Chicago Press). Coover holds degrees from the University of Chicago (PhD 1999), Brown University (MA 1994) and Cornell University (1989). Learn more about his work at




Scott Rettberg

Photo by Henrik Beck, Oslo International Poetry Festival

Photo by Henrik Beck, Oslo International Poetry Festival

Scott Rettberg  (b. 1970) is Professor of Digital Culture in the department of linguistic, literary, and aesthetic studies at the University of Bergen, Norway. Rettberg is the author or coauthor of novel-length works of electronic literature, combinatory poetry, and films including The Unknown, Kind of Blue, The Catastrophe Trilogy, Toxi•City, Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project and others. His creative work has been exhibited both online and at art venues, including the Inova Gallery, Rom 8, and The Krannert Art Museum. Rettberg is leader of the Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group and director of the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base. Rettberg is the cofounder and served as the first executive director of the nonprofit Electronic Literature Organization, where he directed major projects funded by the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. He holds degrees from the University of Cincinnati (PhD 2002), Illinois State University (MA 1995), and Coe College (1992). Learn more about his work at


May 18
13:15 - 15:00


Rom 548, 5. etg, Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap, Det Samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet
Fosswinckels gate 6
Bergen, 5007 Norge